Lihn + Christos - United States





Lihn and Christos were the last I do's I documented in 2021. As I left their beautiful wedding, and took a deep breath, I felt so lucky. I had attracted such beautiful, intentional people, and I got to be a little part of their journey. 

PICNIC + CAKE |  La Dolce Vita SHOES | Jimmy Choo LOVE BRACELET | Cartier

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As many couples celebrating their union during the pandemic, their families were not able to join. In these difficult times, more than documenting the moment, I feel a duty to be their eyes, and capture every single detail, so missing loved ones can relive the day, and share these memories with the newly weds as if they had been there all along. 

"When we met Justine, it was love at first sight. We felt like our emotions, our love, our personalities were captured by someone who knew us. Due to the pandemic, our families could not join. We woke up the next morning to 70+ edited photos to share with our loved ones who could not make it. It truly touched our hearts and we were blown away by how thoughtful and committed she was."

- Lihn + Christos


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