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A little about me


Learn about my Philosophy and what inspired me to become a photographer 

“The best things in life come free to us.”

I believe that the simplest things in life are the best. The smell of fresh coffee in the morning, listening to birds in the backyard, cuddling at the end of the day on the sofa, pillow talks, nights spent star gazing, the sound of crashing waves, dancing to 90s tunes with friends - just living. 

I want to capture that for you, the little things that make you, you. The ones that bring you joy, and fuel your love. No matter who and where we are, we all have a story to tell. No tale is one and the same. And that’s why I LOVE photographing love stories (and hopefully, yours too!). 

From the moment you inquire to the day you will receive your gallery, I want you to know that I am fully invested in you and your day. I know that you don't do that everyday, but as crazy as it sounds, I  do, and I'm here to help you every step of the way.

From stolen glances to cheeky kisses and getting loose on the dance floor, I’ll be there to document your love story (and all the fun bits). I’ll even make sure to snap authentic moments that may’ve slipped by unnoticed - they’re the best ones! 

Whether you want me to inconspicuously lurk in the shadows, snapping candid shots or be right up the front, rounding everyone up for group photos, I’ll be the chameleon you need on the day. Either way, I’ll be behind the lenses, not missing a beat. 

Hand on heart, every ounce of my energy will go towards creating a gorgeous collection of images to forever memorialize your day. These memories are not only for you, but for your parents, grandparents and future children- they will become heirlooms for yours to cherish.

Douce France, cher pays de mon enfance.

I grew up in a tiny seaside town in Normandy, France. Every summer was spent at the beach, and I have the best memories there. Eventually, I moved to Miami, FL where my husband is from.

I studied international business, so I got to travel to some of the world’s most beautiful places, but in my heart nothing quite levels up to my little France.

From the little cafés at every corners, to chatting with friends while sipping on wine sat at a terrasse, wandering from museums to exhibits, hoping on a train to spend the weekend at my parents in the country side, and eating the most delicious food, France taught me to enjoy the little things in life and makes it oh so easy. 

I'm one of those people who's passionate about a thousand things.

I love going on adventures, painting, thrift shopping, home renovating, building stuff, traveling the world, learning about healthy nutrition, sustainability, finances, and other cultures. 

More than anything, I love spending time with the people I love. I really lucked out with my husband Pipe being the actual best person in my life and getting to do life side by side.

At the end of day, I value family, a good conversation, an open mind and a kind heart.

June, 2021

Justine is an insanely talented, kind, open and visionary artist. You can see in her art how she sees the world. Her photos move me and bring out a certain scent of love and an aroma of elegance that no other artist today can deliver quite like. Working with her was a blessing.

Luma & Luca

October, 2020

Melissa & Bryan

Justine, you are truly remarkable at what you do. This is definitely your gift and calling in life. Thank you for making us feel so comfortable and for making our vision come to life! We love you and would hire you again in a heart beat!


Ashley & Sergio

I cannot say enough good things about Justine. From the moment we contacted her she was quick to respond and always very helpful. The photo shoot was so was comfortable and easy. She even threw in some extra champagne which made for a great prop! Once we received our photos we could not be happier with how they turned out. Tons and tons of great shots and quick turn around time.

September, 2020

Nick & Veronica

Last but not least your show stopper! Make sure your clients know that you are the real deal and loved by your clients. 


Every love story is unique.
- I am here to tell yours.







15 July 2018

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23 September 2018

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04 March 2019

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19 October 2019

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No story is one and the same. Yours will be finessed to share your unique journey.